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  • BA3791 Batetry for Military Application
    Item Specification
    Part Number BA3791
    Chemistry Alkaline
    Nominal Voltage 15V
    Rated Capacity
    Dimensions 71mmx 186.5mmx 64.8mm
    Weight 1.65Kg
    Application PRC-80,PRC-730,PRC-2200
  • BB590 Battery for Military Application
    Item Specification
    Part Number BB590
    Chemistry Ni-Cd
    Nominal Voltage 12V/24V
    Rated Capacity 4800mAh/2400mAh
    Energy 57.6Wh
    Dimensions 126.5mmx111mmx61.5mm
    Weight 1.45Kg
    Application Radio sets of PRC-104, PRC-113, PRC-117, PRC-119, PRC-132, PRC-138, PSC-3, PSC-5, PSQ-4, TAS-4, TAS-6, UIH-6, URC-100, URC-101, URC-110, etc.

In the critical arena of military applications, Collection specializes in delivering powerful, safe, lightweight, high energy power solutions for a wide range of systems - such as Manpack Radios, Mirabel Thermal Camera, Night Vision Goggles, Rugged Portable Computers and Thermal Weapon Site, etc. providing quality and reliable power for the harshest of environments.

Our goal is to provide our customers with best possible solutions for their portable power needs. Defensive contractors, OEMs and leading Design Houses trust Collection to think beyond conventional wisdom and produce a solution that will increase end-user benefit, with features such as lightweight Lithium-ion technology, smart battery functionality, ruggedized environmental proof design, integrated charge control and multi-level redundant protection.

Collection knows that the qualification of military products is of paramount importance and we manage this process in a methodical, timely manner to ensure the battery meets all specifications.

Our in house team of electronic and mechanical design engineers utilizes the latest design techniques to ensure that our customers receive the most appropriate, cost effective and timely power solution for their demanding needs.

If you have a battery project please feel free to send us an email at or contact us by telephone on +86-755-85203037.


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