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  • Battery Pack for Medical Equipment
    Item Specification
    Part Number CPS-ME001
    Chemistry Li-ion battery
    Nominal Voltage 11.1V
    Rated Capacity 5200mAh
    Energy 57.7Wh
    Dimensions 37mm*56mm*70mm
    Weight 275g
    Application Various Medical Equipment
  • Smart Battery for Medical Equipment
    Item Specification
    Part Number CPS-ME002
    Chemistry Li-ion battery
    Nominal Voltage 11.1V
    Rated Capacity 4800mAh
    Energy 53.28Wh
    Dimensions 24mm*71mm*123.5mm
    Weight 283g
    Application Landwind Medical with Fuel Gauge

As expert in developing batteries for industrial and consumer applications for over 20 years, Collection have transferred this expertise to the medical market, offering our customers the latest Lithium-ion technology, integrated smart battery electronics and intelligent charging techniques which maximize runtime while reducing end customer intervention, allowing healthcare professionals to spend more time caring for their patient.

Reliability and safety are the most critical points for powering medical equipments. Collection has a good access to known battery cells, such as Panasonic /Sanyo / Samsung, etc. This helps us to make a high performance and quality products for various applications, such as Ventilators, Patient Lifts, X-Ray machines, Endoscopy Data Recorders and Remote Patient Monitoring Devices as well as Tele-Health and Tele-Care.

Whether the battery is required to be the main power source, or a redundant back-up supply, our experienced engineers work with your design team to ensure the complete power solution is brought in on time and within budget.

Our high drain battery technology has helped customers solve their more power demanding problems, such as those for patient lifts and power tools, each designed to fulfill a specific requirement.

If you have a battery project please feel free to send us an email at or contact us by telephone on +86-755-85203037.


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